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TYPOS - Binho Ribeiro

Marcelo Garcia is Pro!
Binho is on the streets since 1984 and now his pannel are the trucks of Lincoln Ueda for the TYPOS' series of Crail Trucks.
Check the interview:

Do you see any relationship between skateboarding and urban tipographies?

Yeah, sure. The art was on the walls that skateboarders used as scenarios for their tricks. Even some obstacles were made by graffiti artists.

Do you think that urban arts are more accepted today or is it still very raw?

We’ve been recognized but we still have our marginal roots, for sure.

Binho in NY Photo: Binho Ribeiro Divulgação

How do you relate with authorities?

With luck! Sometimes I can finish a work just talking to the cops or by having an authorization for it. But sometimes things get a little harsh. But is all good.

How did the collab with Crail happen?

I am a Sergio’s (Bellinetti) friend since a long time and I’m involved with skateboarding and with Ueda too. I also have some roots with Japanese style of art, so all of these elements helped a lot!

What is the concept behind Ueda’s trucks?

I did an art related to the Japanese culture and using its elements.

Ueda made by Binho

TEXTS BY Crail Trucks

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