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Marcelo Akasawa is a true warrior from the streets of São Paulo. We sat down with him and asked about everything, starting with art and finishing with... art!

How was your evolution in art?
Since I was a kid, I’ve always liked to paint my own things, never copied nobody. I created some exclusive techineques because I’ve never went to art school. My art is mine, you can’t tell that isn’t by looking at it today.

How does NYPE DO GUETO combines skateboarding and graffiti?
In a very simple way, because NDG is not a skateboarding only company, but it is an underground one. We put together everything that forms our DNA.

Do you think that pixo has evolved a lot?
Yes because back in the days, the materials were wack and was hard to get a good one. Nowadays, the kids are already starting with good inks so its easier to express their true arts. When we talk about pixo, I think that our typographies are unique and can be an artistic expression.
How do you see skateboarding in this new scenario?
Oh, it is a lot different today. It is easier to be a good skateboarder because now we have good spots and parks to skate. Back in the days all the spot were harder to skate!

The partnership that we did in the TYPOS series is a commercial one. Do you think that this is bad or is still all good?
That’s no way this could be bad! Our collab is good for my work, you made it possible to get to a lot more people! We can’t put boundaries in our life! I have done work for over 15 companies and made NYPE DO GUETO be a true street company since 1998! I’m happy with all that.

Akasawa's wall

How this collab went down?
Castilho is a big homie! I was down since the day he said it was going to happen. The artwork, I did in one day. It was a good day!

Was there something that you wanted to put on the trucks?

At first, I drew some wings that were, like, so big and beautiful. But then Castilho said it was only calligraphy and I did in a minute. The wings, maybe next time, right? Thanks, guys!

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